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Touristic Spot in Lombok Island

Touristic Spot in Lombok Island


Senggigi Resort

Senggigi is a bustling town on the West cost of Lombok littered with luxury hotels, restaurants, shops of all kinds, and a craft market. About ten kilometers on either side of the city there are beautiful beaches lined with coconut palms.

Mataram City

Mataram, the capital of Lombok has several sectors : Ampenan, the pear, Mataram, the administrative center, Cakra, the business center and Bertais-Sweta where the bus station is located. From the Gilis, take the monkey forest road and visit the Mall for a shopping session!

Banyumulek Pottery

The Sasak artisans of Lombok produce pottery for centuries and pass on their traditions from one generation to another. Visit one of the most important centers in Banyumulek where you will observe the manufacturing process and find a wide range of objects.

Sekotong – Gili Gede

Gili Gede is a tropical jewel. The lack of traffic and untouched nature are two of the main features of this island! The clear waters and abundant marine life guarantee fantastic snorkeling experience steps from your bungalow.

Sekotong – Desert Point

Said to be “the best left in the world”, Desert Point is an oasis for experienced surfers. Break is located near the village of Bangko-Bangko and produces powerful rollers that can be surfed up to 300m. The best season is from May to September.

Sekotong – Gili Nanggu

This small island without inhabitants (just a resort) is ideal for a snorkeling trip or to spend a few days in total relax, Gili Nanggu is a fantastic getaway that offers a peaceful setting, close contact with nature and with ouerselves!


Bayan – Masjid Kuno

Built in the 16th century, the Bayan Mosque is the oldest mosque in Lombok. It has woven bamboo walls and is built on stone foundation. It is located around 80 km from Mataram and is part of a very interesting and meaningful religious site.

Trekking – Rinjani

Mount Rinjani soars to 3726m above sea level (2nd highest volcano in Indonesia). The ascent does not require highly technical skills but rather determination! Start from Senaru, North Lombok, a site also known for its magnificient waterfalls: Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep Falls.

Waterfalls – Senaru

From the Village of Senaru it takes 20 minutes walk to access the waterfalls. You can cross the valley and go down the 315 steps following the irrigation canals. Powerful waterfall, locals say that it must go behind to rejuvenate a year.


Gerupuk Bay

Gerupuk is a small fishermen’s village known for its peaceful life and surfing spots. If you love to surf or are looking for a while empty beach just for you, Gerupuk Bay is the perfect destinations!

Kuta Beach

Kuta is a small town famous for its surfing “beach break” and “reef break”. You can rent boards in several places and take lessons. Its beach is a beautiful and wide sandy cove surrounded by small hills.

Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak is a beautiful bay strewn with small shops. The main attraction is surfing but however, swimming remains possible. The waves are perfect for beginners. You will easily find somewhere to rent a board for a few hours.

Mawun Beach

Don’t miss Mawun beach under any circumstances! Located 20 minutes west of Kuta Lombok by scooter, the read there is beautiful and safe. You’ll travel alongside rice paddies and small traditional vilalges with typical “sasak” houses.

Tanjung Aan Beach

The Tanjung Aan bay is huge with pristine, fine, white sand on one side, and on the other, a golden sandy beach with large grains. A central rock sperates the two different beaches and you can climb it to admire the magnificent view!

Ekas Bay

Renown for its world -class surf- breaks and strong wind that blows all year round, this peninsula is the paradise for surfers and kite-surfers. Ekas also offers white beaches with pristine water on sandy bottoms.


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