Some Tips to Come to Mount Rinjani for Hikers


The mount Rinjani is three highest mountains in Indonesia and to be the most favourite months for hikers. The height is about 3.726- metre. This mountain is located in Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTB).  The area of the mount is about 41.330 hectare. The temperature is about 20-Celcius degree. The lowest temperature ever at Rinjani is approximately 12-Celcius degree. The best time to climb the mount is between June and September.


Mount Rinjani Trek Options

 There are three treks to climb the Rinjani. The treks are Senaru, Sembalun and Torean. You can take one of those when you want to reach the peak of Rinjani. Each peak has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is depending on you which path you like more.

Senaru and Sembalun Trek

The Senaru trek is the most common path for hikers. It takes about 10-12 hours to reach out the peak of the mount. Since most hikers take Senaru as their path, it is reasonable if this path is quite crowded. The Senaru is dominated by Savannah at the first trip. The savannah offers you the remarkable sceneries you might not find at the other places.  Some hikers are starting the journey from Sembalun and then it will end at Senaru.

Torean Trek

Torean is the trek rarely used by hikers. It is because the tilt quite snappy that could be dangerous for hikers, especially the beginners. The tilt degree of the Torean is roughly 20-45 degree.

Going to the Rinjani

To go to the Rinjani, landline or airline could be taken. Between the two, the less expensive one is the landline track even though it needs more effort. It is due to the various transportations you should drive over and over before arriving at the gate of the mount rinjani trek.

Journey from Banyuwangi Port

The first journey is you need to come across to Bali Strait from Banyuwangi Port which takes roughly 1 hour to go. After arriving at Gilimanuk Port, continue your journey to Ubung Bus station and then move to a ship or ferry toward to Padang Bai Port.

Journey from Bali to Rinjani Trek

Time to get across to Lombok takes quite long time, within 4-5 hours. After arriving at Lombok Island, you need to swap the transportation couple times before arriving at Sembalun trek. Make sure you have arrived at Sembalun Lawang on time since the transportation to go there is only up to at noon.

As you arrived at Sembalun or other rinjani trek, you can stay for one night before starting the climbing while dealing with register process. As all is fixed, your journey to Rinjani is just begun.


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