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Tibu Ijo Waterfall, Gunung Sari West Lombok

Tibu Ijo Waterfall, Gunung Sari West Lombok

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – For those of you who like adventure and the challenging scenes, it is the perfect location for your vacation choice, the TIbu Ijo Waterfall Kekait Village, Gunungsari sub distric, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. There, you can enjoy the views of this hills, palm gardens, and natural atmosphere which is very natural.

This waterfall called Tibu Ijo because under the waterfall there is a pool that does not have a base, that’s way the pool is green. Towards Tibu Ijo waterfall, you have to walk for 45 minutes. But if you’ve been there, the tired during the trip will soon disappear, because under the Waterfall there are numerous small pools in naturally compound.

The sensation of jumping from rocks into the pool is the unforgettable experience that makes you feel addicted to return to the place. In the area of waterfall is not available locker room to change clothes. So do not forget to bring a cloth or gloves to change your clothes. Do not forget to bring drinks and foods as well because there is no merchant in the forest area.

Tibu Ijo Waterfall, Gunung Sari West Lombok 2
Tibu Ijo Waterfall (c)

Apart from soft adventure activities, such as trekking or camping, during adventure you can see directly the activites of Kekait villagers. One of them is harvest the palm trees to e processed into “Gula aren” – palm sugar. In addition, there is harvest “Tuak Manis” (a drink made from palm tree). “Tuak Manis” is very fresh to drink and can add energy as well as good for health, because it is very natural.

Palm sugar and Tuak Manis can be used as a souvenir after having adventure at Tibu Ijo waterfall. It is not hard to get Palm sugar and Tuak Manis since the majorities of the villagers produce both of them and peddle them along the way. Tibu Ijo Waterfall can be reached around 20 minutes or about 13 kilometers from the city of Mataram.

At the foot of the hill there is one resident’s house which is providing area of parking and you can entrust your vehicles there by only paying IDR 5000. There is no admission to the attractions in this place. So, for those of you who like to travel a particular interest, take your bag immediately and explore Tibu Ijo Waterfall. Good luck

Source : Lombok Magazine, Jan 2016
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