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Several Tips to take a Trip to Lombok from Bali for Vacation

Several Tips to take a Trip to Lombok from Bali for Vacation

The International airport lombok, has been opened since 2011 for the sake of handling the increasing tourists coming to the island. Now, the airport has been offering variety of flights, national or international, around Southeast Asia. The location of the airport is 40-km from south direction of Mataram and also 55-km from Senggigi. However, it is not the only way to come to Lombok. In addition to flights, you can also use overland or by sea. But the most common way is take the trek of air.

Flights Bali to Lombok

The majority of domestic airlines has direct flight to Lombok. Though. Some of flight paths should be transit to Bali airport. The flights bali to Lombok is the shortest trek if you want to arrive sooner to this remarkable island.

Still, you must provide more budget if compared with other alternative paths. The flight from Bali only takes 20 minutes since the distance between these two awesome islands are not too far. Even you can put a vacation package which includes the two islands to be the primary destinations.

The package could be managed by sparing 2-3 days in Bali Island and then 2-3 days directly to Gili Trawangan, one of the most famous destinations in Lombok. The last trip, you can stay in Lombok city within 2-3 days to enjoy the beauty of Lombok at day and night.

From Bali to Lombok by Sea

If you love enjoying your journey through sea and you also have limited budget, instead of taking flights bali to Lombok, you can use public transportation ferries, boats or ships. From Padang Bai Port, you take the tour package from various travel agents around Bali.

Typically, the fee included transportation from your hotel in Bali to Padang Bai Port and the pick you up to hotel in Lombok. The first island you will arrive after the journey with ferries is Lembar Port or Labuhan Port. The Lembar Port is a port located in West Lombok whereas the Labuhan Port is located in East Lombok. These two ports are the gate to enter Lombok.

When Arriving at Lombok

Unlike if you arrive at airport Lombok, once you arrive at Lombok Island by sea transportation, find a hotel around the Senggigi Beach area so that you will not so far away from the Port to the Gili. Besides getting a place to stay for temporary quite faster, you likewise are able to enjoy the beauty of Senggigi Beach.

From the port, be careful to choose travel agents to bring you to Gili Island. Make sure you come to Senggigi first before making a deal to a travel agent. In Senggigi, there is an abundance of tour and travel agents which offer you to come to Gili.



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