Several Reasons Why It Is a Great Idea to Visit Gili Trawangan


The admiration comes when people are talking about the beauty of eastern Indonesia, especially Gili Trawangan. In addition to Bali, this is another target of foreign tourists when coming to Indonesia.

Located in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, this island includes in Gili Indah village, West Lombok District.  If you never come to this tourist destination, you must consider it as one of most recommended destinations in your list.

There are dozens reasons why this outstanding place worthy to be visited. These are some of the reasons behind.

The Beautiful Nature in Gili Trawangan

The nature in this awesome island in West Lombok is incredibly stunning. You might not find on another place. Related to the water area, there is a quantity of beautiful nature spots you should not miss when you come here.

Marvelous Underwater World

Doubtlessly, this awesome island has marvellous underwater world. The water is diaphanous along with green-blue degradation decorating the sea. Thanks to the clarity of the water, you can see the fish and coral reefs directly from our boat. Therefore, there is no need to dive in the water. But if you are interested to explore more about the deep sea, you can dive to find millions fabulous fish including Nemo, a clown fish. The calmness of the ocean flow, give extra enjoyment in diving in the deep sea.

Gorgeous Sundown and Sun-up

Thanks to the perfect position, the beach in the island faces the west and south direction. The distance of the beaches is not that far. You can reach those on foot or ride a cidomo. As you arrive at the shoreline, you can directly the beauty of the sunset and the sunrise in one island only.

Surrounding and Accommodation

The beach around the island is definitely clean and pure. The sand is so white, like snow in the summer days. There is no garbage spread around. Either the local residents or the visitors really keep the cleanliness of the island. In addition to those, a line of greatness is offered by this island.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation

Coming to this island in Lombok, you do not need to be afraid about the budget of accommodation. It is because gili trawangan accommodation is definitely reasonable. This island has a lot of resorts in reasonable price that meet to our limited vacation budget. You can have some much memorable and incredible vacation without any worry you have broken your bank.

Free Air Pollution

Commonly, almost every area in this country is full of motorised vehicles. Therefore, air pollution is everywhere, but not in this island. You will really get fresh air to clean your lung since the island is a restricted area or motorised vehicles. As the alternative transportations, you can ride bicycle or cidomo. The latter is such a local horse-drawn carriage in Lombok Island, NTB.


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