North Lombok, Indonesia


North Lombok, Indonesia
North Lombok, Indonesia (c)

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – North Lombok Regency is bounded by the Java Sea to the north, Central Lombok Regency and West Lombok to the south, East Lombok Regency to the east and the Lombok Strait to the west. Central to the region is Mount Rinjani which at 3,726 metres (12,224 ft) is the third highest mountain and the second largest volcano in the country and is an active volcano. The oldest recorded historical eruption was in 1847 and last eruption was in May 2010

As it is dominated by the majesty of Mount Rinjani and the surrounding mountains, the north of the island offers stunning landsacapes and long curves of deserted beaches, jungle and rainforest, with towering plantations of mahogany, teak and other native trees provide opportunities for trekking and ecotourism.

North Lombok is a failry new regency and was offically established on Juli 21, 2008. The regency has 5 districts, including the Gili Islands, 33 villages and 332 hamlets, with a total population of around 246.283 people.

North Lombok is reached by two main roads, both in good conditionan providing different scenic routes. The coastal that runs from Ampenan all the way up west coast to the north provides stunning views of the many beautiful bays and beaches that line the west coast, as well as vistas over the Gili Islands and Bali to the west.

The Pusuk Pass, a winding mountain road that start at Gunungsari and runs through the mountains inland, terminate in Pemenang in the north. The drive upon the pass provides wonderful views of valleys and gorges, with rivers running through the tropical forest and small villages and dotted amongs the trees. Families of grey monkeys live in the jungle and come down to the road to beg for food from passing motorists.

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