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All about Lombok Diving Experiences in the Superb Diving Spots in Indonesia

All about Lombok Diving Experiences in the Superb Diving Spots in Indonesia

Visiting Indonesia, it will be not complete if you not try lombok diving. Lombok has incredible and superior diving areas in the water of the islands. It is because the areas are safeguarded from the tremendous wave of the Indian Ocean.  Moreover, the Lombok is near to the Wallace Line between Bali Island and Lombok.

Lombok Diving Spots

Whether you are beginners or professional divers, you will have so much fun in scuba diving in Lombok. The primary diving spots take place across the Gili islands lying in the northwest area of Lombok. In the Sanggigi beach, east Lombok, you will find some diving sites along with the operators. On the Southern area of Lombok namely Blongas is such the paradise of the scuba divers owing to the remarkable wave combined with big pelagics around.

Three Gili’s Island Diving

There are three small-sized islands which are surrounded by coral. The three islands are Gili Trawangan, Gili Mena and also Gili Air. These three offer awesome sight under the water that you might never meet in any other water area in the world. The variants of fish are more than varied.

Besides diving in lombok, there is also the centre area of restaurants, hotels and also boutiques in Gili Trawangan. The Gili Meno is the calmest island among the three. You will find little bit accommodation facilities here. The Gili Air is actually the island where centred as residential. You will find a large population of residents here.

Variety Species Found

What you can see in the deep water of triple Gili islands when diving Lombok is like Moray Eels, Sharks of white Tip Reef and turtles. The unique fish you may find in diving is for instance Ghost Piperfish or maybe Cuttlefish. Angel fish is another unique species you can see here. Diving around the islands of Gili will enable you to find at least 15 great dives spots offering the most incredible diving experience ever.

Diving Course

There is diving courses you can take to enable you learning more about diving which is certified by PADI. As come back from diving lombok, you might increase your diving level to be more professional, not an amateur anymore.

Diving Package

There are a number of diving package offered. You can take the E-learning course that only takes a half off day with affordable price. There are also other classes in the course such as Discover Scuba Diving, Double DSD, and Open Water Diver. For more advanced class of diving, you are capable of taking the Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, dive master and even Emergency First Response

Diving Tariff

The tariff of the diving course package is varied. It is range between 65 to 750 US dollars. The more advanced the class, the more expensive the tariff will be. Some beginning class only take less than a day to finish the class whereas the more advanced takes the longer time.


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