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A Globe Trotter Chef Brings His “French Touch” to Gili Trawangan

A Globe Trotter Chef Brings His “French Touch” to Gili Trawangan

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Francois Masson, A man who is, above all else, a passionate entrepreneur of French cuisine and an expert in taste exploration of local products for dishes to order up! Trawangan is the site to sample his delicious and gourmet creative flair!

Specializing in sauces and desserts, Francois takes pleasure in revealing the taste of each ingredient to get a dish that is unique in it’s culinary expression. He also creates a special presentation with each dish because for Francois attention to detail is, “of paramount importance. The dish is first enjoyed through the eyes and beautiful presentation whets the appetite!”

Francois is a character with a big heart who loves new culinary discoveries and sharing his findings. Having now resided in Gili Trawangan for six months, he is the head chef at the restaurant of Wilson’s Retreat Resort on the west of the island, owned in large part by Jakarta born Reeze and his wife. Indulge yourself here with euphoric tastes of all sorts while exploring the different dishes on the menu: clams Provencal, snails with parsley, the St Jacquest roast, Filet Mignon a I’Ancienne …as well as a medley of chocolatey, fruity, and aromatic dessert… Your eyes will widen and your taste buds will be tatalized!

The restaurant features a wine cellar with French selections and menu options also include traditional Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, mie ayam and sate…

Francois thoroughly enjoys the atmosphere of Trawangan and what he does and it is not uncommon to see him out of the kitchenl explaining his dishes and simply sharing his passion.

What he especially likes here is the closeness to the people and the challenge of making the semi -gastronomic French and local dishes, creating a new chapter for his sourced cuisine in the Gili Islands!


Francois was born in Lyon, the gourmet dining capital of France. He studied at the Hotel Scholl Balan in Ain and traveled throuhghout Europe as a leader in his field in Italy, England, Scotland and Denmark, where he met his wife, who is Indonesian!. His culinary experience has extended to the United States where he worked in pittsburgh and finally back to his hometown and where he became the head chef of Pell Mell restaurant.

Today he and his wife reside in Trawangan with their 10 month old daughter. And it is here that Francois is ensuring that Wilson’s Retreat stands to become “THE” reference of French gastronomy in Gili Trawangan.

Source : Gililife Magazine, 2015
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