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Gili Air, The Island of Water, Charm and Balance

Gili Air, The Island of Water, Charm and Balance – The closest island to Lombok, Gili Air is aptly named after the Indonesian word “air” meaning “water“. It’s the only Gili island to have natural underground fresh water wells. Gili Air is gem of a spot that allows you to sample the best of both worlds of the Gili Island – it has the relaxing charm of Gili Meno and a bit of the night life of Gili Trawangan.

Here you can take it fast or slow and enjoy an abundance of water sports from diving to surfing to kiteboarding and land activities such as yoga and cycling. in the evenings you also have the option of watching movies screened on the beach (weather permitting).

Gili Air Tourism
Gili Air Beach (c)

Gili Air has pristine beaches an clear turquoise waters that soothe and revive. it is the most locally populated island with 1500 residents and it’s not hard to see a special pride amongst the localsfor the awe that their land inspires. There is the biggest concentration of bars and restaurants on the east of Air where you can take in views of lush Green Lombok and the heights of Mt. Rinjani.

Gili Air Bike, Gili Island, Lombok Indonesia(c) (c)
Gili Air Bike, Gili Island, Lombok Indonesia via Mila Supinskaya

Venture to the northwest and you will find yourself on empty sands gazing at the majestic Agung volcano of Bali. For sunsets be sure to be on the north/west side of the island. Happiness is infectious on this island and it’s friendly inhabitants will never miss a chance to make you smile.

Gili Air has a great selection of restaurants including homemade italian ir mediterranean food, spanish tapas and exquisite cuisine options as well as a number of charming warungs seving all the best local dishes. There’s a range of accommodation for every budget from backpackers to bungalows (on the beach and in the village) and private villas and resorts.

Sunrise Resort Gili Air
Sunrise Resort Gili Air (c)
Yoga in Gili Air
Sup Yoga in Gili Air (c)

There are also a number of spas to choose from and you’ll be delighted to find quality shooping on the island! because of Air’s beauty and increasing popularity as a dive and travel destination the island is seeing rapid depelopment but somehow maintains it’s local charm and atmosphere. wander throughout the island to take it all in as you lose and find yourself here!

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