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Fairy Tales, The Spirits of Mount Rinjani

Fairy Tales, The Spirits of Mount Rinjani

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Those who climbed this volcano sometimes say that they have heard strange voices at night while camping. They can hear some complaints, whistles and whispers that sound supernatural. If you ever hear these sounds one day while staying on Rinjani volcano, don’t be scared, it is just the spirits of the mountain!

They look like small bright pebbles, with crackling voices that evokes the murmur of the waves, which reminds of their marine origin.

You know, the sea likes to listen to traveler’s conversations while they are on a boat or on a beach. When the sea hears that you have planned to climb Mount Rinjani, she will send some of her children to follow you discreetly.

These spirits are quite harmless; you will be their guide until the top of Mount Rinjani, where lives their big brother, Segara Anak lake, which means in Indonesia “the son of the sea“.

You will walk for days, followed by these discrete spirits who like to tell stories to each other at night. Sometimes you can even hear them arguing! But don’t be afraid; once you’ve reached the top of the volcano, go far a swim in the pristine water of the lake. That way, you will allow these spirits to reunite with their families, and you will also be able to ge rid of them…


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