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Bebalung Soups, Tulang Iga Soup Energy Enhancer

Bebalung Soups, Tulang Iga Soup Energy Enhancer – For those of you the tourists, there is one more culinary of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, which should be known and tasted, that is Bebalung Soup. The word “Bebalung” came from Sasak means “energy“. The one who has consumed this Bebalung Soup will get more energy and foster the vitality. Culinary is very suitable also for someone who is ill or recovering from ilness to add strength.

Bebalung soup made from cow of buffalo ribs mixed with seasoning blend of Lombok. Some of spices used, such as cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, and ginger. In addition, also added a bit or salt and sour dishes that is more durable. The Lombok people called spice concoction Soups Bebalung as “Ragi Rajang“.

This culinary creation process begins with selecting the bone ribs or cows or buffaloes are cut according to taste. The Ribs boiled until the meat is quite tender. Furthermore, it mixed with the spice concoction that has been mashed and sauteed. The back ribs and seasonings simmered about 30 minutes for the marinade to seep into the meat.

The Bebalung ripe soup that has been cooked is served with a bowl. Next, it sprinkled with fried onions to add to the aroma of cooking for increasing appetite. Furthermore, Bebalung soup then served with white rice. Moreover, commonly provide chili sauce and soy sauce for those who like spicy food or sweet. This Bebalung soups is most delicious and savory when it is served in hot or warm.

Commonly, Sasak people eat this culinary with Pelecing, that’s way, some called this culinary with Bebalung Pelecing Soup. This culinary became mandatory menu of Lombok people when holding a celebration, in addition to Ares (the food of young banana heart). Both of them are very tempting culinary to consumer.

For travelers who want to enjoy the culinary Bebalung Soups, it can be found at some street vendors, cafes, restaurants, Lesehan (sitting on the floor restaurant) to the restaurant that spread across of Lombok Island. You can get this Soup at a price Rp 25-35 thousand in complete serving with a plate of white rice an frehs chili grind.

So, for those of you who are currently holidaying of the island of Lombok, then provide a time to taste it. But, if you are not coming to the island of Lombok yet, then immediately plan to vacation there. Come hunt the famous typical culinary Lombok spicy, nourishing, and able to shake your tongue until the last bite.


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