Bau Nyale, From Legend to Tradition


Bau Nyale Festival di Lombok
Nyale Warm (c)

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – On Lombok there is a local legend about rival between every prince in the island, who wanted to marry princes Mandalika of The Tonjang Beru Kingdom. In order to prevent war between kingdoms, she decied to sacrifice herself by jumping from cliff on the coast. And when people try to find her, all they found is the sea worms. This how the Bau Nyale festival begin.

Bau Nyale word is combination of the local language word “bau” means catch and “nyale” means sea worm. The Bau Nyale is held once every year in February. During this festival, people come to the beach early in the morning just before sun rise and when waves wash up the worms the local collect them. It is believed that the worms bring good fortune to everyone; some took the worm home and spread the worm across their field for a good harvest.

Kuta Lombok Beach
Kuta Lombok Beach (c)

The festival celebrated through out Lombok with Aan cape being the center of the festivities, they also perform the perisaian, in which man fights with a rattan wood and shield made of goatskin. The festivals open with the Mandalika Princess pageant and dance performances. People gather at late afternoon, making a camp and doing several traditional activity such as Betandak (poem reading), Bejambik (giving a token of affection to love on) and Belancaran (sailing)

The festival becomes a regular tradition for generations on the island of Lombok. Therefore it is a cultural event not to miss on your journey in Lombok

Bau Nyale Festival Pictures Gallery

Drama kolosal Putri Mandalika
Putri Mandalika Drama’s (c)
Drama Putri Mandalika
Princess Mandalika Drama’s (c)
Suasana perayaan Bau Nyale di Lombok
Seger Beach while the event (c)
Nuansa Pantai Seger Kuta saat perayaan Bau Nyale
Sunrise at Bau Nyale Festival (c)
Bau Nyale Festival di Lombok
Nyale Warm (c)
Perayaan Tradisi Bau Nyale di Lombok
Bau Nyale Event (c)


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