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Gili Destinations

Gili Island Destination, 3 Possibilities

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – To reach the Gili islands there area three options. The fast boat is the fastest, easiest but also the most expensive way. Several companies operate from various ports in Bali and offer a free transfer from your hotel to the boarding point, depending on your location. Journey times vary from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours depending on weather conditions.

Fast boat, the fastest way, slow boat, local experience!

You can also go to the pier on your own and buy your ticket directly. Below you will find details of schedules and departures. For more information and online booking, visit or see our recomendation in recomendation page.

If you have a limited budget, you can choose the ferry option. The crossing takes five hours from Padang Bai in Bali. If you want to get to the Gili islands in the evening, take a boat in the morning, from 08:00am. Once at Lembar port Lombok, find a means of transport to get to Bangsal port, then take a public boat after buying a ticket at the office. Allow 10-30 minutes to cross depending on your destination.

The last option is by air. Take a flight via the international airport in Lombok Praya, go to Bangsal (about 3 hours) and take the public boat.

Source : Gililife, August 2013
Editor : Jackysan

Gili Meno, The Spiritual, Relaxing Island of Love

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Set between Gili Air and GIli Trawangan, Gil Meno arguably offers the finest beaches of all the Gili Islands. The sands are white and soft beneath your feet and you can relax on vacant strethes of beach lined with coconut trees. Meno is the real escape to paradise where you can fill your days with activities like diving, snorkeling, surfing or just simply taking in the tranquil views.

This island is a treasure of local lifestyle where time seems to bend and life seems to slow down. It is the least developed island where you can completely relax amongst abundant nature. Meno is a holiday within an holiday. Here you can walk or take a cidomo (horse & cart) to attractions such as the salt lake where it’s possible to spot rare blue kingfishers and the elusive island monitor lizard, or venture to the eerie remnants of an abandoned resort -where a popular wrek-dive site exists just offshore.

Gili Meno Beach
Gili Meno Beach
Karma Beach Gili Meno
Karma Beach Gili Meno

There area no bicycle rentals in Meno but it’s possible to walk the island in an hour. Gili Meno offers great selections of local and western restaurants and most places serve a variety of the two. There are also traditional warungs for popular local dish – nasi campur.

There is a variety of accommodation on Meno and your options range from backpacker dorms, beachfront and village bungalows to luxury villas, apartments and resorts. There is also open air berugaqstyle accommodation for the true outdoorsmen– er, and women!

Other points of interest on Meno include a bird park and the turtle conservation pools (which run entirely on donations). This island is primarily popular amongst couples and those seeking a more enlightening, recharging time. Yoga and meditation are up there with diving and honeymooning for making Gili Meno and ideal travel destination.

Meno Bird Park
Meno Bird Park

In the past, Meno was said to have a mosquito problem but this is not the case -in the wet season there area normal levels of what you would expect in a tropical place, perhaps even less, and in the dry season- tidak apa apa- no problem!

Gili Meno is the island of sweet simplicity and nature where you will sight with happiness

Source : GiliLife Magazine
Editor : Jackysan