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Gili Kondo, the tropical Paradise

Gili Kondo, Perfect Tropical Paradise

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Every traveler’s dream a perfect tropical paradise holiday, but usually what is depicted on a brochure, poster or any other kind of promotional media is not what you get. Don’t get it wrong; you do end up getting tanned on a nice beach, but the whole packages is far from the meaning of “paradise”, the moment you turn back from the exotic beach you’ll need up in something pretty much you seen everyday crowd, traffic, al the hustle and bustle the very same thing you’ve been trying to escape by taking a holiday trip.

There is one place that truly worthy for the title of “Tropical paradise” and it can be found in Lombok. But no the overcrowded-popular Gilis, which had become the mini version of Kuta, Bali. With all the villas, spas, cafes or nightclubs.

Gili Kondo The Private Island
Gili Kondo (c)

It is their less popular brothers on the eastern shore of Lombok, The Gili Kondo and co, East Lombok. With Gili Kondo as the biggest and other two smaller island : Gili Bidara and Petagan. They are located on the eastern shore of Lombok island, about three hours trip from Senggigi or Mataram. You will need to take a boat from the Labuan Lombok habor to reach this little paradise; it took about 45 minutes of crossing. The other two is also nice to visit but most of activities and facilities can be found in Gili Kondo.

Gili Kondo Lombok Indonesia
Gili Kondo Underwater (c)

Beautiful clean white sand stretch around this 20-acres (8 hectare) island a perfect matrass for your dream sunbath, turquoise blue water with breathtaking underwater views with colorful coral reefs and beautiful underwater marine life can be seen even from the surface, magnificent scenery surrounding it. Face west and you will be served with a majestic view of the rooftop of Lombok, Mount Rinjani, face east and view the dazzling scenery of Sumbawa Island and on top of all it’s absolutely away from all the hustle and bustle. A bright blue sky and warm sun will add as a cherry on the top to this perfect tropical paradise.

Gili Kondo Beach
Gili Kondo Beach (c)
Gili Kondo East Lombok
Another view of Gili Kondo (c) Zulfikar Aleksandri

Facilities on this island also keep as natural as possible; no permanent building is built here. Several exotic bamboo cottages can be rented if you are intend to sped a night or two, with nice clean water and meals also served at the restaurant. It may be just a small island in the middle of the ocean but this is land is greener the main land, shady trees planted by all over the island.

Another interesting thing to see is barrier island that can be found near Gili Kondo. This tiny sand island will make you realize how its feel being cast away also a very nice place to take some memorable pictures.

Gili Kapal, East Lombok
Gili Kapal, East Lombok (c) Nandy/Adhy Nata Facebook

Gili Kondo was once a deserted island, only used by the local fisherman to make stop to repair the boats before continuing their trip. But then by the late 1970s Perama Tour a travel company, with their Komodo Trip Program which starts from Lombok island began to make Gili Kondo as a part of the trip program and together with the local people and the regency administration start to develop the island.

With the concept of sustainable tourism, programs such as preventing the illegal coral bombing, tree planting, and coral reforestation which is done by the visitors, all to ensure that Gili Kondo becoming the true Tropical Paradise.

Writer : Dewi Supartini
Source : The Journey Magazine, April 2014
Editor : Jackysan

Bau Nyale Festival di Lombok

Bau Nyale, From Legend to Tradition

LOMBOK TRAVEL GUIDE – On Lombok there is a local legend about rival between every prince in the island, who wanted to marry princes Mandalika of The Tonjang Beru Kingdom. In order to prevent war between kingdoms, she decied to sacrifice herself by jumping from cliff on the coast. And when people try to find her, all they found is the sea worms. This how the Bau Nyale festival begin.

Bau Nyale word is combination of the local language word “bau” means catch and “nyale” means sea worm. The Bau Nyale is held once every year in February. During this festival, people come to the beach early in the morning just before sun rise and when waves wash up the worms the local collect them. It is believed that the worms bring good fortune to everyone; some took the worm home and spread the worm across their field for a good harvest.

Kuta Lombok Beach
Kuta Lombok Beach (c)

The festival celebrated through out Lombok with Aan cape being the center of the festivities, they also perform the perisaian, in which man fights with a rattan wood and shield made of goatskin. The festivals open with the Mandalika Princess pageant and dance performances. People gather at late afternoon, making a camp and doing several traditional activity such as Betandak (poem reading), Bejambik (giving a token of affection to love on) and Belancaran (sailing)

The festival becomes a regular tradition for generations on the island of Lombok. Therefore it is a cultural event not to miss on your journey in Lombok

Bau Nyale Festival Pictures Gallery

Drama kolosal Putri Mandalika
Putri Mandalika Drama’s (c)
Drama Putri Mandalika
Princess Mandalika Drama’s (c)
Suasana perayaan Bau Nyale di Lombok
Seger Beach while the event (c)
Nuansa Pantai Seger Kuta saat perayaan Bau Nyale
Sunrise at Bau Nyale Festival (c)
Bau Nyale Festival di Lombok
Nyale Warm (c)
Perayaan Tradisi Bau Nyale di Lombok
Bau Nyale Event (c)